Tokaroa Farm

Tokaroa Farm is a 607 ha (585 ha effective) property owned by Dan Nicholson and located on Ponatahi Road, 15 km south east of Carterton. The property is summer dry with a range of soils and a rainfall of 750 mm. 80 ha (15% of effective area) of plantain and clover has been established over the past 10 years. This has enabled the farm to move from 30% lambs drafted off the ewe to 70% drafted as well increased ewe live weights. In autumn 2015, 12 ha of plantain with annual (arrow leaf, balansa and Persian) and perennial clovers (red and white) was established for monitoring of animal performance and pasture growth. Within this paddock a 2 ha trial is looking at seed yield and hardseededness of the annual clovers. Further details and results are available in the Hub notes.