Castlepoint Station

Castlepoint Station is a coastal 2995 ha property on the Wairarapa coast. Owned by Anders and Emily Crofoot and managed by Tom Bush, the property has an annual rainfall of 970 mm and regularly suffers from periods of severe summer drought. In the autumn of 2013, two trials were established to evaluate the role annual legumes could play on dry hill country. Both sites were established by oversowing. In the first, a 10 ha paddock containing a wide range of aspects and slopes was oversown with a range of  clovers (Arrowleaf, Red, Balansa, Persian, White) plus ‘Tonic’ plantain following summer fallow. In the second, two paddocks (17 & 11 ha) were oversown with Arrowleaf, Balansa, Persian and Gland clover. Plant establishment and animal performance is being monitored. Full details and results to date are available in the Hub Group notes.